White Ceramic and Gold Bracelet and Earrings Set: comes with a 7.2" bracelet and 1" earrings. Made of white ceramic beads and gold plated spacers, tubes, and findings. 

One of a kink: comes with 20" necklace with 2" pendant, 7+" bracelet, and 2" earrings

White flowers accent on black beads. Comes with 20" necklace, 7" bracelet, and 2" long earrings.

Comes wiht one 21" necklace wiht a 1.5" pendant, one 7.2" bracelet, and 2" earrings

  • white ceramic and marblely beads
  • small twisted black beads
  • glass european beads
  • ceramic pendant and earrings

White Tear Drop and Black Silver Jewelry set: 18.5" necklace, 6.1" bracelet, and 1.5" earrings.  Made of ceramic beads and faceted black glass beads. Plated silver caps, spacers, findings. 

Come with a 20" necklace, 7" Bracelet, 1.5" earrings

  • white ceramic beads
  • 5 Large transparent flat round glass beads

Elephant Medalion with Black Hematite Gemstones Jewelry Set: 21" necklace, 2" Medalion pendant, 6.5" bracelet, 2" earrings. Made of Gun metal Hematite Gemstones, glass beads, antique silver caps, spacers, findings.

White and Gold Pearl Jewelry Set comes with a 19" necklace with a 1" shell pendant, 6.7" bracelet and 1.5" earrings. Made of white pearls and gold spacer. Gold accents and findings.