Deep Yellow and Antique Silver Jewelry Set: 20.5" necklace, 6.5" bracelet and 7" bracelet, 2.3" earrings.  Made of acrylic beads and jade gems with antique silver spacers, caps, findings.

Deep orange, Yellow and Forest Green Jewelry set: 22"-23" necklace. 6.5"-7.5" bracelet, 1.75" earrings. Made of jade, glass, bronze metal.

Grey, Teal and Caramel Jewelry Set: 22" necklace, 7.2" bracelet and 1.75" earrings. Made of large rectangle ceramic pearls, grey, teal, dark beige pearls. Bronze spacers, caps, findings.

Vintage Japanese Tensha Purple, Dark Yellow and Red Pearls with Japanese Oval Pears Jewelry Set comes with 20.5"-21.5" necklace, 6.5" bracelet and 1.75" earrings.  Beautiful two-row bracelet.  Made of yellow jade pears, red/yellow mookaite stones, vintage japanese tensha oval beads. Gold plated spacers, caps, accents, findings.

Tiger Eyes Trapezoidal Two Row set comes 20" necklace with trapezoidal pendants of 1.25", 8.2" bracelet (that can be used as an extension for the necklace), and 2" earrings. Made of ceramic beads, tiger eye beds, and faceted glass beads. Gold accents/spacers/findings.

Deep Orange and Olive Tear Drops Jewelry Set has a 24" necklace, 8"-9" bracelet and 2" earrings.  made of round, tubular and tear drops jade pearls. Bronze spacers,chain, findings.

Burt sienna, cream beige and light green set comes with a 23" necklace, 7.5" bracelet and 1.5" earrings. Made with Japanese painted beads, acrylic and jade beads. Gold metal / findings.

Asymetric Orange, Bround and White Jewelry Set comes with 27" necklace, 1.25" pendant, 7.5"-9.75" bracelet and 2.8" earrings.  Made of stone, glass and resing pearls. White silver caps, spacers and findings.

Deep Yellow and White Set comes with 21" necklace, 6.7" bracelet and 2.5" earrings. Made mostly of acrylic beads, with different shapes enhancing the set. The large square beads makes it unique.  Gold accents/findings.

One Tiger Eye Trapezoidal Set comes with 24.5" necklace, 1.5" trapezoidal pendant, 6.4" triple-row bracelet and 2" loop earrings.  Made with Tiger Eye ceramic and Howlite spun Gold plated stones.  Gold accents, spacers, findings

Light Orange and White Jewelry Set. 21.25" necklace, 6.9" bracelet and 2" earrings. Ceramic orange and white beads, transparent glass beads, transparent white acrylic flower caps, silver caps, spacers, findings.

Brown, Black and Caramel Mountains Jewelry Set: 26" necklace, 6.5" bracelet, and 2" earrings. Made of large  ceramic brown and dark yellow cylinder beads, matte brown beads, black jade pearls, black gun metal faceted beads. Gold-plated findings, spacers, caps.

Bright yelllow, white and dark grey set comes with 23" necklace sporting a 1" pendant, 6.9" bracelet and 2" earrings. Made mostly of ceramic stones. Gold accent / metal.

Deep Yellow Set comes with 23.5" necklace (extendable up to 26.5") with a 3" pendant, 7.2" bracelet and 3" earrings. Is actually a darker yellow than in photos. Made of Persia jade chalcedony yellow beads, some acrylic beads with silver accents/spacers/findings.

Tiger Eye Trapezoidal Pendant and Howlite spun Gold plated Stones
Set comes with 20.5" necklace, 1.5" pendant, 6.4" bracelet, 1.75" earrings. Made with Tiger eye bead, white Howlite spun Gold plated stones.

Gold accents, spacers, findings.

Deep Yellow, White and Cork Set comes with 22.5" necklace (extendable up to 23.5"), 6.5" bracelet and 2.1" earrings. Made mostly of very large acrylic beads, ceramic and cork beads and spacers. Gold accent / findings.

Yellow and Whites Jewerly Set. 22" necklace, 6.3" bracelet, 6.7" bracelet, and 1.5" earrings.  Made of ceramics, glass beads, Japanese green and yellow pearls, with a large fancy silver plated white bead. Antique silver caps, spacers, findings.

Deep yellow/orange and white  set comes with 22.5" necklace (extendable up to 24.5), 6.9" bracelet and 2" earrings. Made with finger beads, faceted orange glass beads, and white cereamic beads; with gold findings/accent metal.

Deep yellow and grey set comes with 22" necklace, 6.3" bracelet and 2" earrings.  Made of Jade and glass beads with silver metal.

Golden Yellow set comes with a 30.5" necklace, 6.9" bracelet and 1" earrings.  Made of cracked glass and acrylic beads. Silver accents/findings.

Creamy yellow, white and black Set comes with 23" necklace, 7" bracelet and 2 sets of earrings (both 1.7" each).  Made a jade, glass and resine gems, with silver findings.

Bright Yellow and White Set comes with a 23" necklace, 6.7" bracelet and 2" earrings. Made of ceramic and cracked glass beads. Gold accents, spacers, findings.

23.5" necklace (extension up to 25" with 1.25" pendant, 6.5" bracelet, and 1.5" earrings.

Gold and silver delicate 17.5" chain (extending up to 19.25) with 1" pendant and 1.5" earrings. Gold findings.

Orange and White Set comes with 21.5" necklace (extendable up to 24"), 7.5" bracelet and the first earring pair at 1.5" and a second pair at 2" long.  Orange is much deeper color than in photos.  Made mostly of acrylic beads of differents shapes, including leaf, some glass tear shape beads. Gold accents, spacer, findings.